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Goddess Wax Seal Set

Goddess Wax Seal Set

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Signed, sealed, delivered! Add glamour to your letters and journals with this Lunar Insight Wax Seal Set. Each set comes with a set of gold and purple candles and a Lunar Insight Stamp. Use to seal your letters, decorate personal journal entries, or hold dried flowers in place.


To use, begin by safely lighting the candle of your choice and dripping the wax over your paper or envelope. Blow the candle out and wait 5-6 seconds before placing the stamp directly onto the melted wax. Hold in place for at least 6 seconds and gently remove.


  • Unscented
  • Made from paraffin wax
  • Each set includes 2 candles & 1 stamp


Please light and burn wax in a safe space.

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