Hola. Mayi Carles here!

For over a decade I’ve had the privilege of guiding creative entrepreneurs through the process of owning their magic, turning their life’s hiccups into a story or triumph, and most recently the remembrance of their bruja linage.

For over a decade I called myself “a tiny Panamanian artist” knowing, deep down, that I was not little. That I am immense, infinite and limitless. I have a future memory of making a BIG impact, of being ABUNDANT, of feeling DEEPLY loved. A foreshadowing of sorts. Like a dejavú, but forward. 

And I used to think, is it okay to be so much? To want all that? Am I being realistic? Should I be more grateful?

I convinced myself for too long that I was better off pretending to be normal. Not because I need to belong necessarily, cause I do. I belong to Mayi. And that feels good enough. The thing is, (PERSONAL SHARE ALERT) there is a thin line between admiration and envy, between inspiration and “who does she think she is?”; and provoking jealousy is my central trauma response. I hate, and I mean my entire nervous system gets out of wack when a fan turns hater. It hurts me psychologically and emotionally for reasons I am still learning to unpack.

Allowing the fullest expression of myself to come out even if that makes some people around me uncomfortable, resentful or insecure is the work I am called to do.

I get it. Centuries ago, my ancestors where wild women, bonfire dancers, spiritual healers, herb brujas. Then they were haunted, tortured and burned. The only way to stay safe was to camouflage. To forget the village, the circles, the wilderness, the sacred. To stay quiet.

The threads of fear passed down through generations. Remembering who we are, listening to the messages is the pursuit. This is the journey. It’s not about playing witch, it’s about being magia.

So excuse me if I drop the diminutives. That software ain’t gonna run in this 2.0 era. It’s time to come of out hiding. Y ser TODO. Le duela, a quien le duela.



Studied Art in Scuola Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy. Received a dual Bachelor degree in Communication Studies + Art Theory and Practice with a minor in Art History from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Completed a Masters in Art in Visual and Critical Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois. 

Have never submitted a resume in my life.



I've been featured on the cover of HOLA Magazine + U.S News + Huffington Post + CreativeLive + ArtfulBlogging + almost all predominant local publications. And have also collaborated with world-renowned brands like Polo Ralph Lauren + Adidas + Roxy + Kielh's + Kate Spade NY.

I've had the honor to design rainboots and the most adorable fluffy uniform for Undercover.

And I am SO very excited to introduce my latest project - Beezú Mayic, a very special collaboration that brings together the wonderful qualities of Pima cotton, the fun and relaxed style of Beezú and my creative genius. This collection is inspired by Panama, its tropical vibes, enchanting creatures, rainforest-y feel and vivid colors. Every piece in this vibrant collection invites your child's imagination on a happy journey through our isthmus. 

Still waiting on Oprah to call.



I currently live in tropical paradise with the love of my life David + our beautiful daughters Olivia and Emilia, and work in a lil' nook of a studio overlooking the Pacific ocean filled with children's books + bunting flags + vintage toys + every color scissor imaginable + party props.  

"Who the hell took my washi tape... Oh, here it is..."



  1. My real name is Maria Alejandra Carles Ferrer de Larrinaga, but please call me Mayi.
  2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an immigrations officer cuz I was obsessed with stamps. But! When I realized I couldn't wear my pajamas to work, I quickly changed my mind.
  3. Some days I drink green juice and go to dance class. Others, I have an entire pizza all to myself and refuse to put on pants. It's called balance.
  4. I’m T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D of lizards.
  5. I'm pretty good at winning hypothetical arguments in the shower.
  6. I watched too much Pinky and the Brain when I was little, hence the WORLD DOMINATION inclinations.
  7. Whenever I interact with people, I have to take a 4 hour nap.
  8. I overspend at my friends small businesses. 
  9. This is me in the car: Plays music. Sings lyrics. Sings backup vocals. Sings guitar riffs. Plays the drums with the stirring wheel. Head bangs. It's a live concert featuring: ME!
  10. My patronus is a unicorn.
  11. When someone is mean, I get this sudden urge to release glitter into the sky above their head + watch it shower over them like a baptism of kindness.
  12. One time, I illegally crossed the Canadian border inside a trash bucket.
  13. I have no tolerance for critics seating in the cheap seats. See something you think you can do better? DO IT. Do it + share it with us. Otherwise, shush your pie whole.
  14. I’ve always been slightly frightened of elevator doors.
  15. I carry a San Benito medal in my wallet to protect me from evil spirits.
  16. I hate it when I eat the last bite and didn't notice, so I couldn't mentally prepare myself and get closure.
  17. I like to make lists. I'm a compulsive check-mark-offer. I often jot down a task I've just completed just so I can get the immediate satisfaction of crossing it off. There. I said it. Sue me!
  18. Sometimes I just need hubby to hug me + say "I know it's hard. Everything is gonna be alright. I love you. Here's 1 million dollars."
  19. I'm currently working on writing and illustrating a children's book about a little girl and get magical connection with her grandmother.
  20. I'm nicer when I like my outfit.
  21. I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares.