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Book Club

Book Club

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Dive into the magic of books and personal growth! Join Mayic School’s first Book Club gather, as we embark on a transformative journey through the pages of The Big Leap, on Leap Day.



Leap Day occurs only once every four years to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun. Indeed, it’s a rare occurrence that holds special significance. A chance to think outside-the-box. Let’s make it sacred and memorable by launching our very book worm clubhouse, shall we?



This premier Book Club episode will be a safe and brave space for members of the Mayic School community to come together and explore the powerful concepts and insights within The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. A short, but mighty read.

Throughout our session, we’ll delve into the books teachings, share our thoughts and personal experiences, and support each other in taking the necessary steps to unlock our truest potential.

Whether you are a seasonal reader or new to personal development literature, this Mayical Book Club offers a unique opportunity to sit by the fire with like-minded sisters, expand our frequency through knowledge, and make quantum leaps (pun intended).

By participating in this Book Club, you’ll discover practical strategies for overcoming self-limiting beliefs and find inspiration to take your life (and business) to the next level.



Ready to enter your zone of genius? CLICK HERE to download the book.



The Big Leap is a transformative book written by Gay Hendricks that explores the concept of the "upper limit" and how it holds us back from reaching our full potential. Hendricks presents practical strategies and mindset shifts to help readers overcome self-imposed limitations and step into their zone of genius. Through insightful anecdotes and actionable advice, The Big Leap inspires readers to take bold leaps in their personal and professional lives, unlocking new levels of success, fulfillment, and happiness.



  • DÍA: Jueves 29 de febrero de 2024
  • HORA: 4-6PM (arrancamos in punto)
  • LUGAR: Mayic School HQ
  • DRESS CODE: Nerdy witchy vibes
  • BRING: Wine and snacks to share
  • IN PERSON: Limited spots available
  • VIRTUAL: This event will be LIVE streamed


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