Mayic WhatsApp Support
Mayic WhatsApp Support

Mayic WhatsApp Support


I help girl bosses make a living on the internet and turn their multiple passions into a money making business. 

We met. We jammed. We conquered. Now what?

I've designed this private listing called Mayic WhatsApp Support for special clientes I loved working with that might want a un-going support moving forward.

Maybe you're feeling like you're all on your own now. And it's honestly a bit scary.

Maybe in executing our game plan, you've got doubts, hesitations, questions you would like to run by me first. Just in case. Just to double check. Just to reassure.

Maybe you're in the middle of an epic launch or product release and having a mentor by your side every step of the way seems... wise.

Maybe you just wanna marry me. Whaaaat? (Blushing) I mean, like have direct access to me 24/7 to hear my voice and get all my (tough) love. 



  1. As soon as you purchase this listing, you'll instantly become a member of my secret Mayic WhatsApp Support list. A special club where only my favorite girl bosses can reach me day or night, even weekends and, like, not get blocked.
    You're free to write or send me voice messages whenever you've got questions or need to show me something for feedback.
  2. You can expect to hear from me within hours.
  3. I will never leave a message unseen for more than 24 hours.
  4. Sometimes all you'll get is a simple thumbs up emoji or a quick fix suggestion. Other times, I'll have to deep dive and give a full blast constructive critique or smackdown pep talk on a certain issue. That's how I roll.

This Mayic WhatsApp Support offer obviously represents I BIG commitment on my part, to be here for you, on call, and readily available every time you need me, like 911 but for you business. That's why this listing is private and there are limited spots. Thank you for understanding. 

Let's make this official, shall we?