Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®

Life is Messy Mastermind®



For the first time EVER, I'm opening the doors of my beautiful home to host an intimate planning ritual to guide you towards your deepest growth. Wanna come?

Life is Messy Mastermind® is my newest, most private, secret-society-like offering to plan and play + gather and conquer. A petite bosshood of women who mean business and want to kick some mayor ass. Ka-POW!

I‘ve been a full time artist for 10 years now and I’ve always been about financial freedom + radical happiness. I believe in doing less, but doing it better. In over-simplifying to turbo-charge. In under spending to make more. In focusing on what matters most to build a business that really supports my lifestyle versus letting ambition overbook my calendar.

If you’re tired of running after ALL the possible goals + feeling like a hot mess, I wanna show you how to slooow down to speed up your accelaration.

Spend an entire morning with me and ten alpha ladies who are opting out of the pressure to hustle and be Ms. Perfect to embrace a simpler + easier + more authentic track to success. 

Over yummy homemade breakfast bites and cold-pressed juice, I’m gonna help you create a strategic roadmap for the year ahead - one that’s deeply rooted to your superpowers + aligns with your zone of genius + makes you feel instantly immortal.

By the way, the event agenda is siiiiiick. It's seriously bloody brilliant, if I may say so myself. I have no modesty left. Every worksheet + lesson + session has been carefully designed with love to amp up your game. Get you ready for an EPIC year ahead. 

And I’m personally taking it upon myself to hand-hold your breakthrough. No more, “and what do I do now?” or “who do I ask?” Your company may be of ONE, but you don’t have to do this alone. Not anymore. I am here. And I bring back up. 

Let's make a beautiful mess. Rise. Together. Less scary. More fun.



The creative + innovator + coach + artisan + magic maker + ceiling breaker + game shaker + world shifter + or freedom chaser who needs full on support + on going accountability + in person follow ups all year long.

It's for the woman who's perhaps lost herself in busy work + in motherhood + in other people's expectations + in her own outdated plans and is ready to take a pause to expand (ahem, but not her waistline) + go PRO(er).



  • The Life is Messy Mastermind® Playbook, which contains all the lessons + worksheets. 
  • Exclusive WhatsApp group for on going support + accountability.
  • Periodic follow-up meetings sprinkled throughout the year. 
  • Healthy snacks made by yours truly + cold-pressed juice powered by Life Blends.
  • Fun goodie bag.
  • And more surprise perks. 





“Entre risas, un brunch delish y saludable, compartimos mucho sobre emprender y nos dejaron tarea.” - Madelaine Leignadier

"If someone is on the fence about joining Life is Messy Mastermind I would say don't do it if you're looking for a quick fix. Being open is of the essence. The prompts on the playbnook have been quite reveling of where I was and what my North was." - Carolina Maduro

"Don't think about it! You will be thrilled by how refreshing, powerful and feel-good morning you'll experienced. Mayi is brilliant and you will meet other fantastic, sharing and intelligent girls." - Michelle Varela

"Go for it!!! You will meet a fabulous group of women who will not only cheer you at your wins but also will make you company in the process!" - Karen Cohen

"Don't overthink it, it's an amazing experience and it gives you the chance to connect in a circle of trust with amazing girl bosses. Besides you have the chance to watch Mayi like a fish in water in her house. Everything was pure inspiration." - Carmen Arias

"Do it! Also you get to know so many incredible women!" - Elizabeth Sanchez

"I would totally say go for it and let Mayi do her magic. She is very much inspiring, full of energy, fun and her way to coach you is so simple. I mean who doesn’t like simple processes." - Tatiana L. Rodriguez Arias

"Ya lo he recomendado. Es un momento para compartir ideales, metas, experiencias con chicas empoderadas, seguras, diferentes pero a la vez muy parecidas a ti." - Sandra Alvarez

"Sometimes you need to make some space in your schedule for a date with your business/personal/professional goals. When that space can be in a beautiful place with women who you will be in awe of, and the best homemade brunch ever... JUST DO IT. De las mejores experiencias que he tenido. 100% recomendado." - Maricarmen Plata