Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®
Life is Messy Mastermind®

Life is Messy Mastermind®



The world has forced us to hit the breaks and open our eyes. You can't unsee or unknown what's been revealed. The tides have changed. A new way of doing is upon us. It's safe to come out of hiding now.

Life is Messy Mastermind® is back with a twist. I'm recruiting ELEVEN creative wizards to plan and play + reset and conquer, but with MORE intention, GREATER wisdom and BIG heart. You, me and the Universo. A co-creative dance of cosmic intelligence. The coda, to finally grant yourself permission to be MAGIC.

I‘ve been a full time artist for 15 years now, and I’ve always been about financial freedom + radical happiness. At the core, I've been a teacher of:

  • Doing less, but doing it better.
  • Over-simplifying to turbo-charge.
  • Sometimes plan, sometimes wing it.
  • Under wasting to make much more.
  • Guarding your time like a beast. Roar!
  • Building a business that really supports your lifestyle.

But most recently, having felt the push and pull of Mother Earth shaking off its heaviness (have you felt it too?), I had to do the work of RECALIBRATING. Feeling and healing have become a HUGE part of my work. That's why I'm no longer afraid to be weird(er) and talk about... 

  • MAGIC.
  • Energy.
  • Inner knowing.
  • Higher power.
  • Synchronicity.
  • Downloads from the other side.
  • Food as mood.
  • Movement as therapy.

I believe LIFE IS MESSY. It's in our DNA. But let's make it a beautiful mess that brings out the purest and truest version of YOU. Shall we? Cause here's the deal, who you are, at its core, is PURE MAGIC and the exact spell this world needs to mend. Well, you better believe it, cause it's true.



O N E - You'll receive a Life is Messy Mastermind® Box to your doorstep. It'll feel like your birthday. Inside you'll find everything you need to spend an entire day orchestrating your best year EVAH. Every single item has been carefully curated with love and purpose to amp up your sacred planning journey. 

T W O - We'll pick a date to meet ONE on ONE to troubleshoot. With the revelations gained from your planning self immersion, I'll step in to help you create a strategic treasure map for 2022 - one that’s deeply rooted to your super powers + aligns with your zone of genius + makes you feel instantly immortal.

T H R E E - I’m personally taking it upon myself to hand-hold you during the entire month of February. No more, “and what do I do now?”. Your company might be of ONE, but you don’t have to do this alone. Not anymore. I am here. 



  • A beautifully designed 66-page Life is Messy Mastermind® Playbook, which contains all the lessons + worksheets. 
  • 36 coloring pencils and 20 fine tip markers to make this super fun + vivid.
  • Sacred smudge stick to purify the space, elevate intentions, bring balance, and attract miracles.
  • An exclusive Life is Messy Mastermind® Tote to store your belongings, take your sacred planning kit anywhere.
  • The perfect munchie to fuel your soul, my homemade Mayic Granola.
  • A ONE on ONE session with me,  in person or virtually.
  • Follow up support via WhatsApp all February long.




It's for the creative + innovator + coach + artisan + author + architect + director + inventor spell maker + ceiling breaker + chain breaker + game shaker + world shifter + or freedom chaser who's choosing to...

  • Stop wishing, start KNOWING.
  • Stop forcing, start FLOWING.
  • Stop controlling, start CREATING.
  • Stop chasing, start CHOOSING.
  • Stop struggling, start FLOATING.
  • Stop hustling, start TAKING ALIGNED ACTION.

It's for you if you're ready to EXPAND (ahem... and I don't mean your waistline) and receive BIG MAGIC, with the help of a good brujita (ahem... that would be me).

It's for the woman who's perhaps lost herself in busy work + in motherhood + in other people's expectations + in her own outmoded plans and is ready to turn PRO.

FOR PANAMA RESIDENTS ONLY, unless we've previously arranged a way to ship your Life is Messy Mastermind® Box.



“Entre risas, un brunch delish y saludable, compartimos mucho sobre emprender y nos dejaron tarea.” - Madelaine Leignadier

"If someone is on the fence about joining Life is Messy Mastermind I would say don't do it if you're looking for a quick fix. Being open is of the essence. The prompts on the playbnook have been quite reveling of where I was and what my North was." - Carolina Maduro

"Don't think about it! You will be thrilled by how refreshing, powerful and feel-good morning you'll experienced. Mayi is brilliant and you will meet other fantastic, sharing and intelligent girls." - Michelle Varela

"Go for it!!! You will meet a fabulous group of women who will not only cheer you at your wins but also will make you company in the process!" - Karen Cohen

"Don't overthink it, it's an amazing experience and it gives you the chance to connect in a circle of trust with amazing girl bosses. Besides you have the chance to watch Mayi like a fish in water in her house. Everything was pure inspiration." - Carmen Arias

"Do it! Also you get to know so many incredible women!" - Elizabeth Sanchez

"I would totally say go for it and let Mayi do her magic. She is very much inspiring, full of energy, fun and her way to coach you is so simple. I mean who doesn’t like simple processes." - Tatiana L. Rodriguez Arias

"Ya lo he recomendado. Es un momento para compartir ideales, metas, experiencias con chicas empoderadas, seguras, diferentes pero a la vez muy parecidas a ti." - Sandra Alvarez

"Sometimes you need to make some space in your schedule for a date with your business/personal/professional goals. When that space can be in a beautiful place with women who you will be in awe of, and the best homemade brunch ever... JUST DO IT. De las mejores experiencias que he tenido. 100% recomendado." - Maricarmen Plata